Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Challenge 03, Final Result


These are all the four seasons wizard's symbols
Each symbols has their own meaning, the elements we used to create all these symbols are base on our four season theme. We used all the elements from spring, summer, autumn, & winter such as, tree, butterfly, blossom flower, sun, star, autumn's leaf, snowman, snowflake, lightning and so on.

spring, A-F

summer, G-M

autumn, N-T & 6,7 

winter, U-Z 

spring- 1,2,3

 summer- 4,5

winter- 8,9,10

challenge 03 , the secret of four season's wizards.

The four season wizards have the special power which can change the seasons. The warriors are very curious about it and they are finding ways to get closer to the wizards and trying to steal their secret power. 

Wizards hide their secret power at a hidden cave, no ones know about it only the wizards. The only way to go to the hidden cave is you have to pass through a few tunnels with the wizard's wand. The hidden cave's door will only open when the four wizards' necklace are there TOGETHER or else it just looks like a normal cave. 

Inside the hidden cave, it's very dark and there is all these unknown cyphers all around the wall, only the wizards can understand the meaning of the cyphers. There is a crystal magic ball  on the middle of the cave, the four season wizards' special power are all inside the crystal magic ball, so they must keep it safely. 

One day, the wizards feel very unfit, they feel that something will happen, but they have no idea whats going to happen soon, and suddenly their necklace alert them by light surrounded around their necklace. The wizards decided to go to their hidden cave to check whats going on. 

Something happened when the wizards are on their way going back to the hidden cave, a warrior secretly follow them to their hidden cave .... 

stay tuned for the next update ! 
xoxo, wizards

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

challenge 02 -final outcome. Zebra

Tadaaaa- yay, this is our final outcome. 
hope you guys will like it .
The - Zebra

Final Outcome

Challenge 02 in progress.

3D object in progress 
Visual puns actually is to create  from words that sound alike, or words that have double meaning. After making our decision,  
we decided to choose Zebra as our topic, as the sound alike so the way how you pronounce it will sounds like Z-bra, we will be making a Z size bra as our 3D object. :D 

done the head with newspapers 

the Z-size bra 

the bra's stripe 

the heel for the sexy doll

and this is the sexy doll, with sexy eyes :* 

The girls concentrating doing their works.

Kate doing the heel

 Karen painting the heel

Kate making the doll's arm

 Kate & Janice discussing how to make the doll

 Kate & Karen 

 Janice painting the doll's body.

Karen making the bra's stripe

taaa-daaa, 70% done with the bra (:

Janice painting the doll's body, while Kate painting the heel.

posting with the sexy doll.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Challenge 02, Visual Puns

Hello there, we have given our next challenge, challenge 02 - visual puns. So what's visual puns? 

"A Play on Words"
Using a word or words that have more than 1 meaning.
There are many puns. Creating your own puns can be lots and lots of fun!
Think of words or phrases that you know that have more than 1 meaning.

For examples,
Taiwan (tie one)
newly weds (newly webs)
Tylenol (tile and all)
patients (virtue/doctors' patients)
appeal (a peel)
Lettuce (let us)

and here are some fun visual puns (:



 Key Employee

 Home Run
Bread Knife


Basically it's like creating visual puns words that sound alike, or figures of speech that have double meaning.

after the discussion, there are the finally words puns :) 

stay tuned for the coming updates :D 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Challange 01, final outcome.

Four Seasons Wizards

Here's our hard work, we had put in lots of effort in this video.
Hope you guys will like it and this is our first time to make a video like this. *First try (:

Background story. 
Once upon a time, there was four young wizards from Winx, the magical castle, named Janice, Karen, Kate, and Michelle who had always been looked down by the other young wizards because they were the most weakness wizards in their magical castle. Once day, they heard their seniors were talking about a magical blossom tree which can give you whatever you wish for. So, they decided to leave the castle together to find the magical blossom tree, as they wish to be stronger & powerful. After all of the journey, they finally found the magical blossom tree in a secret forest, They kneel down, pray earnestly and sincerely, Suddenly, a strong wind blew, a bright light flashed, they couldn't even  open their eyes. After a while, they realised that each of them were wearing on the four seasons's costume which is SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER. They now can control the four season's cycling in the whole world and had their own power. 

thank you for watching,
& we hope you enjoy it .